I was born in Manhattan, NYC and grew up across the river in Weehawken, New Jersey. I was sickly as a kid and almost died a few times. When I was 8 we moved to Iselin, NJ, and when I was 10 we moved to the Jersey shore. Beaches, boardwalks, rock n’ roll. Asbury Park.

I quit school at 16, but have several college credits to my name despite that.

I got married at 17 and became an Army wife. I had my son at 18, my husband got out of the Army later that year and we moved to Upstate New York for a couple of years before returning to NJ.

I divorced my husband after ten years and married my second husband three weeks later. We were together 8-1/2 years.

I got divorced again in 1980 and by autumn 1981 had met and was living with my present husband, a musician, who I married five  years later.

In-between now and then I’ve had a bookshelf’s worth of adventures.  Drag racing, hunting, fishing, hiking mountains, country bars, rock clubs, pot busts, outlaw bikers, yuppie friends, politician friends, musician friends, LSD, more musicians, several non-profit Board of Directors memberships, years of kayaking, bicycling, racquetball, partying, freelance writing for newspapers, poetry anthologies, music and political ‘Zines, protests, various weird jobs, business owner, Notary of Public, Editing and writing for various organization's newsletters, American Indian Rights activist, environmental activist, drug dealer friends, concert organizer, professional recording studio manager, waitress, gardener, veterinary assistant, songwriter, singer, avid reader, Mother (of a now grown son who is a musician, actor, writer, etc.), consultant, many more things that I’ve probably forgotten.

I’ve hobnobbed and hung out with politicians, international rock stars, spys, hitmen, preachers, military brass, famous music producers, big time pot growers, car racers, outlaws, and on and on and on, many of them long since departed this Earth.

And now I’m retired. Still writing, still making music, still hanging with wacky people (not quite as wacky as the ones I used to hang with). I live a fairly sedate life in the mountains of North Carolina with a herd of cats and the same musician husband, a half dozen computers and 3 times as many guitars, none of which I can play...

That’s who I am This is only a brief outline of what I’ve done and where I’ve been. That’s what I bring to my writing.