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I’ve always been a writer. I think I was four-and-a-half years old (photo) the first time I wrote fiction, but to this day I can’t tell you what it was about. I’m not big on remembering stuff like that. I don’t write for fame, glory, or to get attention. I write because that’s who I am. If I live, I write. It’s like breathing; something my huge imagination demands of me.

I’ve written for many different publications. Newspapers, ‘Zines, my High School newspaper, Non-profit group newsletters, press releases, promotional materials, poetry anthologies, and all sorts of outlets for writers, including an ongoing stint as lyricist for my husband’s music (more about that later).

Recently I’ve been coaxed, begged and shamed into finally doing something with my fiction. I’ve always written fiction for fun. I enjoy inventing characters and bringing them to life. Maybe, just maybe, someone else would enjoy reading my stuff.

The Biker Chronicles is what happens when you throw Bikers, Sex, Drugs and Rock 'n Roll into a blender and pour them into several cake pans and stuff them into the oven to cook. All the elements are there. Some of the same characters wind up in each pan, some more and some less. Adventure, romance, and totally flawed characters; the good and the bad. Murder, mayhem, love and survival.

The scenery may change from book to book, and I take some artistic license with timing and reality, but these are works of fiction, not fact, and I don't pretend otherwise.

I began writing these books long before Outlaw Bikers became popular on television. They sat in a filing cabinet for several years before I decided to edit and rewrite them to tighten them up. They all began life with almost 800 pages each, but I managed to get them down to the 500 page range for print. I'm purposely not numbering the pages because I don't want to scare people off.