These are not your ordinary love stories, and these are not your ordinary biker novels. Pain - Pleasure - Mystery - Crime - Drugs - Sex - Rock ‘n Roll - Love... and Motorcycles

The characters are deep thinkers with more skeletons than closets to hide them in; fallen angels searching for righteousness. redemption, and love. Walking on the razor’s edge, living life to the fullest and willing to pay the price.

 There’s always a price... 


Jesus is his nickname and he is Vice President of the South Jersey chapter of Satan’s Brotherhood, one of the most notorious outlaw biker gangs in the country, but that’s not all he is.

He has a cool day job, a great personality, a long time girlfried and is loved and respected by everyone who knows him. His dream is to make peace between all the big outlaw clubs, a monumental undertaking. Not one that is well received by many in his own club,

Danny is a college kid taking a break from school for a semester or two, or whatever it takes to regain his sanity and have some fun before returning to the grind of maintaining his good grade point average so that someday he can have a successful career. And then fate and circumstance combine to create an accident that brings Danny face-to-face with Jesus. From that point on, lives change;  sometimes in the most unexpected ways, and not always for the better.


Rae, former runaway who was abused as a child, is wife of Kelly, a member of notorious outlaw bike gang Satan’s Brotherhood, is, among other things, a pot dealer and all around wild child with a checkered past and a few secrets of her own.

She’s had a lover on the side for many years, a fellow member of her equally unfaithful husband’s own chapter. She would like to take that relationship further, but her lover has a problem with commitment, not to mention absolute loyalty to the club, which poses a problem of its own. Spousal cheating with another member is strictly forbidden...Then one day a club member named Storm Morrison  arrives from one of the club’s Southern chapters to secure a major drug deal between the Southern and Northern chapters of Satan’s Brotherhood. Rae and Storm are immediately drawn to each other. They both have Native American roots. They both love baseball and music. They’ve both survived

pasts. It seems only natural that they should get together... but there are dark, angry forces at work behind the scenes. A club member Storm considers to be an old friend carries a hidden grudge, one that demands vengeance and blood. He sets his sites on Storm and anyone who happens to get in the way. And now, despite the fact that Storm has gone home and more than 800 miles separate them, Rae has unknowingly become that someone.


Life has been anything but easy for Storm Morrison, and after an accident, he slowly begins to lose control. He is plagued by horribly bizarre nightmares. He can’t sleep and can’t work. In fact, he can barely function. He has left Satan’s Brotherhood and has been trying to settle down with his wife and five-year-old daughter, but he’s having a hard time coping with life and has developed a dependence on pain meds.

Hoping to help him, his wife suggests a solution: He should have some fun, go sit in with his old bandmates from High School days. Storm, a natural musician, sits in with them from time to time, and it always seemed to jazz him up in the past. And that’s where it begins to get really nuts! The band has managed to get a record deal and is in the  process of booking a national tour, but the record company A&R guy sees Storm at

a gig and insists that he go on tour with the band, at least for a couple of weeks, just to get the band some added publicity. After all, Storm Morrison, a now-famous custom bike builder, has been featured in several popular biker magazines and was even featured on a bike build-off television show. He has the rock star good looks, the talent, and he knows all the band’s songs. In fact, he wrote a few of them himself.

So, at his wife’s urging, Storm agrees to a three week mini tour with the band. And then it all falls apart. The past comes back to haunt him, his life spirals out of control, and it doesn’t help matters that one of the band’s backup singers is a nymphomaniac. And to top it all off, a ghost appears from out of the past.


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