Yes, it’s Southern and pretty hick, but it’s also creative and laid back and beautiful and totally intriguing. It’s an interesting blend of redneck locals and non-natives from places like New Jersey, Ohio, Indiana, and just about every state you can think of.

What brings them here? The beauty, the wildness, and the inspirational aspect of all that wild beauty.

This is where people come to get away from it all while still being close enough to civilization to find places to shop, visit, go to a show or movie, or visit a neighboring state.

Several of the tallest peaks East of the Mississippi are here. The wildlife includes bears, deer, elk, cougars, wolves, coyotes, bobcats, fox, tons of birds, hawks, eagles, and a zoo’s worth of smaller animals too numerous to mention. Minerals and gems. Bugs, common and rare. Wild flowers and trees - one of the largest wild rhododendron gardens in the world is on Roan Mountain. National and State Parks and Forests. Wild rivers. Fish and salamanders and newts and frogs and toads and on and on. Bat  caves. Cliffs (people drive off them every year). Waterfalls (people slip and fall to their death on the falls every year with regularity).

Real moonshine and moonshiners. Hermits and modern off-grid living types, wood dwellers, and the hippest of Southern cities, Asheville.

Artists, musicians, writers, crafters of every kind. Just about everyone creates something of aesthetic value.

And did I mention the beauty? I did? Well, it is gorgeous... but if you decide you have to move here, please don’t try to turn it into what you left behind. Leave your gated communities, chemically-manacured lawns, high heels and fur coats behind. This is a land of sneakers and hiking boots, jeans and t-shirts, and down home, natural living. Almost every weed is a wildflower and food for the bees, hummingbirds, and other critters that live here. Lose your fear of bugs. Feed the wildlife, don’t poison them. A poisoned mouse can mean a poisoned cat or dog or fox.

If you can’t live without the glamor and frills of city life, please go home and take your trash with you, but if you can manage to fit in with the rest of us, if you’re tough enough to survive here, come on down.



North Meets South in a  Very Hip and Beautiful Environment


Amazing National Park Roadway


Cool small town in the mountains. Good place to vacation and chill


One of the finest craft schools in America


Sapphire Valley, NC


Bakersville, NC


Cool Bugs